Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Fanny Farts (Yes, it happens to the best of us).

Imagine this: you’re in a dimly lit room, music playing softly in the background as your ma drips warm massage oil over your body massaging it in slowly and sensually. Things start heating up as you lift your pelvis to meet his very hard erection.

Just as you reach your mind-blowing, somehow synced orgasms, you both collapse onto the bed, breathing hard against each other. He moves away from you and not only does his semi-hard penis leave your vagina…but a fart as well.

For a few seconds, everything goes silent as you try to hide your discomfort and hold in your laugh for as long as you can and your man is lying next to you – suddenly very still with a confused look on his face (also trying to hide his discomfort).

I swear this is possibly one of the most awkward times you will ever have with your sex partner (if you’re vanilla at least). But it happens, and more often than not it’s not anything you should be ashamed of or worried about. Granted most episodes won’t mean anything serious there are some instances when you might be wise to see your doctor.


A fanny fart is caused by trapped wind in the vagina, but it’s not flatulence. The embarrassing noise is simply the air being released from your vaginal canal, also known as “queefing”. But since the farting sound isn’t being caused by waste gases and doesn’t smell, it is not actually a fart. There are several ways air can get trapped down there, the most common is during sex.

Air easily gets trapped inside the vaginal canal during intercourse causing a build of air that will release with the sound of a fart. This, my dear, could happen right there in the middle of the erotic sexual time you’re trying to have.

Pelvic floor problems

Not to scare you, but it may also be caused due to a prolapse of a woman’s internal organs, which can happen after giving birth. Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles help prevent this from happening.

Training this key set of muscles will not only boost your sex life, it can prevent incontinence and makes life after childbirth more bearable time.


It might not sound like a serious condition but they can be caused by infections and inflammation, both things you need to get checked if you are suffering from constant fanny farts.

A fistula is a hollow chamber that develops between two unconnected organs, and they can occur in more than one area down there.


Anything that’s inserted into the vagina can cause air to get trapped – and that includes feminine hygiene products. So fanny farts are entirely possible when using tampons. Don’t worry though, the air will escape when you take it out.

Tense Muscles

If your pelvic floor muscles get tense they can end up holding air down there. Your muscles can get tense for any number of reasons including stress, sex, holding in a wee and even gynaecological exams like a smear test.

Exercise can also cause your muscles down there to tense. When this happens any air that might be you-know-where can get pulled in further as the muscles contract.

How To Get Rid Of The Trapped Air

If you are experiencing trapped air down there one of the easiest ways you can relieve yourself is to squat while you are weeing. That will allow the muscles to relax and the air will come out.

You can also avoid things you know cause air to get trapped – like a specific position during sex (you might experience this during positions like doggy-style or missionary).

If you are experiencing pelvic pain, incontinence and muscles spasms alongside fanny farts you should speak to your doctor as soon as you can.

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